Making Outbound Sales Predictable & Reliable
For Founders & CEOs of Software Companies in the US

How Mesh AI, a $200/month subscription SaaS company Generated Over $145,800 In New Revenue Growth In 9 Months Of Working With Us Without Relying On Referrals Or Paid Ads


Miguel Adao – President & CEO @ Voler Systems

Based in Silicon valley for more than 45 years, Voler Systems is an engineering design services company helping startups & Fortune 100 companies like Google, Philips, and Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Shahram Yousefi – Founder & CEO @

Mesh AI is a cloud-based Software solution for Clinicians and hospitals helping more than 5000+ clinicians with their scheduling across the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Bryan Torres – Marketing Assistant @ Voler Systems

Voler Systems is an Engineering services company based in Silicon Valley, US with 4 decades of experience helping Fortune 500 companies like Siemens, Philips, Johnson & Johnson and more.

Kevin Padillo – Founder & CEO @ Leadz On Demand

A Canada-based marketing company serving over 137+ clients worldwide

Our Happy Clients!

Larry and his team are an important element in our marketing mix and pipeline. They got us more than 3 dozen sets of appointments with our Ideal client profile in the last few months. We have  already converted a few of those. And then again we’re talking about projects ranging between $30K to $1 Million.

Miguel Adao

CEO, Voler Systems

Lakshmi and his company have significantly boosted our top-of-funnel activities and sales. Their expertise in managing various campaign types, coupled with their professionalism and understanding of our industry’s nuances, made them stand out, making them a highly recommended choice for anyone looking to boost sales.

Shahram Yousefi

Sean Yousefi

CEO, Mesh AI

In my quest to enter into email lead generation I found that many of the people in the industry have no real understanding of what they are doing/selling. Larry’s knowledge and commitment to our organization whether it be in the middle of the night or up when the roosters crow, is as good as it gets.

Howard Krawitz

CEO, ResultsSolutions

Who is this for?

If you're a software company with product-market fit.

If you are looking to position yourself as 1 of 1 with no competition in the market.

If your outbound sales pipeline is inconsistent or unreliable.

If you’ve tried outreach before but never got it to work.

If you’re sick of burning money on agencies who overcharge, over promise, and underdeliver.

If you’re tired of your team moving slower than your vision and want them to focus on activities that actually drive the business forward.

If you’re giving all you can but not getting the ROI you are putting in.

If you’re good at sales but: (a) Are too involved in the process (b) Need to get in front of more of the right people.

This is for people wanting to form long-lasting business relationships.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Defining Ideal Customer Profile(ICP)

We analyze your case studies to understand your business and identify your ideal customer profile (ICP) based on what you do, who you help, and how you operate.

Step 2 - Reframing the offer

we reframe the current offer you have to make it fit with cold outreach outreach at scale.

Step 3 - Lead list building

Based on the ICP we defined, we start building lead lists leveraging AI. We also test different databases to see which one has optimal results

Step 4 - Copywriting

We continuously test different copy, angles, and offers to get maximum positive responses and convert them from a cold stranger to a warm lead and onto a meeting with you.

Step 5 - Run campaigns

Now we have your ICP defined, lead lists to reach out to, copy to entice the leads we built to convert into a booked meeting. It’s time to launch campaigns.

Step 6 - Inbox management

Once we launch campaign, a dedicated BDR will be managing all the email inboxes and positive replies.

Step 7 - Warm calling

Once we get positive replies from the email campaigns, a dedicated BDR will start calling them and convert them into meetings.

Step 8 - Follow up positive leads

We continuously follow up on these positive leads who have shown interest in what we do via Phone or email to convert them into a booked meeting.

Step 9 - Cold calling

And then we move on to cold calling, where we try to reach out to new leads, who haven’t heard about us, and convert them into a warm lead and book them.

Our Story

Lakshmi Narayana- Founder of Draksha Agency

Larry Lakshmi Narayana
Founder & CEO

Established in 2021, Draksha Sales Acquisition is dedicated to revenue growth of our partners.

Throughout our journey, we helped several software companies in increasing their revenue.

Along this path, we encountered three common primary challenges software companies are facing:

  • Low-skilled Employees
  • Overpaying Consultants
  • Underperforming Agencies

Recognizing these challenges firsthand, our mission at Draksha Sales Acquisition is to partner with software companies to overcome these challenges and get similar or better results for less.

We specialize in bringing new business opportunities and work towards a single goal – driving more revenue for our partners. 


We build, manage,  and operate a cold client acquisition system for you, 100% done-for-you. No need to spend countless hours prospecting on LinkedIn, cold call, scale paid media spend, or hire, train, and pay salaries to business development reps. We handle all prospecting, nurturing of leads, and booking of meetings for you so that you simply show up to the meetings and close deals.

After competing our 2 week onboarding process, we’ve had clients receive interested prospects and booked meetings on day 1 of launching  campaigns. That said, it may take up to 30-90 days to receive sufficient market data and feedback to fully optimize your campaigns for the best results, depending on multiple factors i.e your offer, ideal client profile, market conditions etc.

Based on the ideal client profile that we define during the onboarding process, we’ll leverage a variety of best-in-class data providers along with AI tools to filter, scrape, and verify lead lists matching your ideal client profile. Common data points include employee headcount, funding, industry, location, revenue, website traffic & more.

Of course! We’ll collaborate during the onboarding process to create your outbound offer, as selling to cold traffic compared to inbounds, referrals, and word-of-mouth leads has its differences. Depending on the level of market awareness & sophistication your prospects are in, this may be a process of testing & refinement to find marketing messages that resonate.

Extremely. We configure a master inbox where you can see all correspondences from. We stand up a dedicated project management interface to collaborate during our partnership. We also share all correspondences that led to sales meetings to help you prepare, CRM to track leads, and report KPIs to you weekly.

Ready to Scale?


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